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Talking about sex and God doesn't have to be so... awkward 🫢 uncomfortable 🥴 difficult 😬 embarrassing 😳 risky 😳 shameful 🫠 hard 😭 terrifying 😱 weird 😵‍💫 stressful 🤯 yuck 🤢

Faith inspired sex education and conversation.

Sound familiar?

🤔 People know Christians often save sex for marriage, but have no clue why…

😔 Young Christians feel uncomfortable and unsure exploring their sexuality because it feels ‘dirty’, taboo or even sinful…

🐝 No one in your community has ever explained why God made sex work the way that He did…

😳 You just feel super awkward talking about sex with, like, any other human…

💬 There’s been past confusion and/or pain when talking about God and sex with other Christians, individuals of the LGBTQIA+ community, and/or those who have different sexual ethics…

😬 You’ve been asked questions about God and sex and you just didn’t know what to say…

If you responded to any of those with a “YES!”, we’ve got you.

We’ve been there. 

After decades spent in youth ministry and Christian high school education, our directors realised something:

Christians can really suck at talking about sex!

Big Kids’ Table was born out of a desire to change this.

So, you may be thinking... who are these guys?

Look, we get it. Sex is a hard, awkward, and tricky topic to navigate, especially with young people within a Christian environment. You must be suspicious of this shameless Christian organisation that wants to talk about this stuff with your young people.

In such a sexualised and secular culture like Australia, we completely understand your reservations.

However, let us put your mind at ease. Our team is made up of qualified professionals with a strong commitment and love for Jesus.

Free bible study guide

We’ve designed a devotional Bible study to help young people in your community begin the journey of unpacking their beliefs about sex, relationships, and God. 

This study will equip people with scripture, challenge their picture of their identity, and reveal the character of God and His revelations about sex. 

We made it a brief overview on purpose. This study is just the beginning!

Welcome to the process. Just remember, sex is good, and so is God.

Sex & God Bible Study Guide