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Our story

Our story

Our directors are church kids at heart. They’ve been active members of church land for most of their lives.

And while they come from diverse faith backgrounds, they’ve ‘done it all’:

  • Slept through early morning services.
  • Attended youth camps (with enough symbolic rocks to rebuild the walls to Jericho).
  • Nervously prayed their way through youth small group meetings.
  • Sung the song ‘Oceans’ more times than they can count.
  • Frantically fought with communion wafers as they bonded to the roof of their mouths.
  • …and somewhere along the lines, discovered the One who is like no other.

They grew up as ‘good, Christian kids’, but this didn’t stop from them making poor choices or prevent them from arriving at marriage with all the gear and no idea.

Lauren and Georgia led reasonably separate lives, with a little overlap in youth ministry contexts, until November 2020. Little did they know that God had placed the same dream in their hearts and ordained a conversation that would change everything.

When a 30-minute Zoom call became a 4-hour, life-changing conversation these ladies knew that God had done and was doing something profound. As they shared their stories and passions with each other, it was as if one articulated word for word the aspirations of the other.

After growing up in the church and nearly a decade spent in their respective fields, Christian high school education and youth ministry, Lauren and Georgia had realised something profound:

Christians can really suck at talking about sex!

Through personal experiences, the stories of other Christian friends, and years in their industries, they found that there was a major lack of biblical teaching, open dialogue, safety, and basic sex education within the modern Christian church in Australia.

Young people of faith are receiving little direction and space for exploration, and church leaders are feeling unequipped to begin conversations surrounding sex and sexuality with their communities.

Furthermore, as the sexualisation of today’s culture only increases, the pressure on young people of faith to engage with unhealthy sexual behaviours has reached a fever pitch.

The church can no longer afford to be passive, uneducated, or afraid.

Big Kids’ Table was born out of a desire to change this.

We seek to liberate, educate, empower, and reveal the heart of God within sex, sexual desire, and relationships.

Talking about God and sex doesn’t have to be so hard because sex is good, and so is God.

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