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Helpful links

Helpful links

The image above is made up of questions we’ve received by young people from Christian schools and churches at various BKT events. Below are some resources we recommend for those looking to educate themselves further about sex and relationships from a Christian perspective. It goes without saying that we cannot fully endorse any one resource due to the diversity of human opinion, but the resources below are a safe and great place to start in your own education or to use in conversation with your young people.

We hope that our content and the content listed here will spark meaningful conversations in your communities and that we can work together to see a generation of young people who are prepared for life and rooted in the Gospel.


One helpful approach to having conversations about sex and relationships with a young person is to read a book together and discuss it openly. If you would like to do this, we recommend finding a book that reflects your family values, reading it before you give it to your child and then unpacking it together with them. This can be a great springboard for questions and sharing. The books below may be a good place to start but I also do recognise that it may not suit all families.

Book: ‘Teen Sex By the Book’ by Patricia Weekrakoon

Teen Sex By the Book delves into teenage sexuality and relationships with a Biblical perspective. Dr Patricia Weerakoon is a sex therapist and educator and covers topics like dating, pornography, and sexual desire.

Book: ‘The Naked Truth About Sexuality’ by Havilah Cunnington

An amazing breakdown of the theology, spirituality and science behind sex.

Book: Redeeming Sex by Debra Hirsch

Debra Hirsch unpacks the concept of sexuality as how we as designed for intimacy and connection. Hirsch offers a biblical vision of gender and sex that seeks to honour God.  

Podcast: Where Do We Go from Here?

Devi and Jessica unpack sexual ethics for a new generation of Christians post purity culture. 

Website: Authentic Intimacy

Authentic Intimacy is a unique teaching ministry devoted to teaching on God’s design for intimacy and sexuality. Their vision is represented by two words that are rarely put together: SEXUAL DISCIPLESHIP®.

 Book: Rethinking Sexuality by Dr Juli Slattery

This book provides a framework from which to understand the big picture of sexual challenges and wholeness, and helps you recognise that every sexual question is ultimately a spiritual one.

Book: The Great Sex Rescue by Sheila Wray Gregoire

Based on a groundbreaking in-depth survey of 22,000 Christian women, The Great Sex Rescue unlocks the secrets to what makes some marital intimacy successful and others not. This book exposes the problematic teachings that wreck sex for so many couples … not only is this book a long overdue corrective to church culture, it is poised to free thousands of couples from repressive and dissatisfying sex lives so that they can experience the kind of intimacy and wholeness God intended.

Pippin Girl Programs and Resources

Pippin Girl’s mission is to create authentic, inspiring, and accessible resources to equip our girls as they navigate the hairy, messy, marvellous rollercoaster journey into womanhood.

Books: Michelle Mitchell’s Puberty Books


Website: It’s Time We Talked

“Pornography is now the most prominent sexuality educator for many young people. Most young people discover porn well before they encounter sex- perhaps even before they have kissed or held a partner.”

It’s Time We Talked is a fantastic website that provides information about the issue of pornography, how it impacts young people, what you can do about it as a parent, guardian, or leader as well as helpful resources. It includes access to the documentary, Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography, which follows a group of young people who reflect on how pornography has impacted their lives.

Website: Fight the New Drug

Fight the New Drug unpacks how pornography impacts the brain, relationships and the world. This initiative is not partnered with any faith groups but maintains industry leading resources and information.

Documentary: The Mask You Live In

The Mask You Live In is an American documentary that follows boys and young men as they negotiate growing up and becoming a man. It explores the issues of mental illness, suicide, pornography use, violence and education that boys and young men are experiencing.

Documentary: Miss Representation

Miss Representation looks at how mainstream media and culture contributes to the under-representation of women in positions of influence.

Program: Covenant Eyes

An accountability-based program that assists people to overcome porn addiction. This program monitors an individual’s screen activity and sends a report to a nominated person which enables both screen safety and accountability conversations to occur.

Book: ‘Clean’ by Douglas Weiss

A proven plan for men committed to sexual integrity.

Book: ‘The Porn Report’ by Alan McKee

The first mainstream study of pornography in Australia, which draws on extensive empirical research.

Book: Sexts, Texts and Selfies by Susan McLean

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