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Christian sex education workshops for churches

Age-appropriate programs tailored for whole church communities.

Trusted by Aussie churches for authentic faith-inspired sex ed

So here's the thing...

No faith-filled leader in history has ever intended to mishandle a sensitive topic. 

But for too long, the modern church in Australia has missed the opportunity to effectively and consistently speak into the lives of their young people regarding sexuality, relationships, and God. Good intentions aside, whether it be miss(or no)-education or a culture that doesn’t foster safe exploration, young people are being left to answer big questions outside of Christian community and are being discipled by the internet.

As a result, we are seeing a generation of young people that have heard Christians think sex belongs in marriage, but aren’t sold on, or don’t understand, why. They are left with rules to follow or avoid, instead of a pathway to the heart of God and a personal relationship with Christ.

All of our programs are tailored to fit the needs of your community, and we can cover any of the following topics in a age-appropriate way…

Our Church program guide

Download for an overview of our whole community approach.

Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Sex & God

Unpacking what scripture and secular culture teach us about sex with a focus on personal worldview.


Pornography's harms and cultural influence with a focus on navigating an overly sexualised, pornified world as a person of faith.

Dating & God

Unpacking the purpose of romantic relationships within and outside of Christian community with a focus on personal values.


Exploring the gift , validity, and power of singleness.


Unpacking what the bible does and doesn't say about masturbation, as well as the difference between lust and love.

Sexual Expression

How this looks in singleness, dating and marriage, as influenced by culture and the church.

Sexual & reproductive health

The science behind sex, contraception, and sexually transmitted illnesses.

Realities of sex

Exploring healthy and unhealthy expectations and how to ensure you uphold integrity.

Pleasure and desire

Unpacking the beauty and holiness in desire and pleasure as well as the science behind arousal.

Body image

Exploring the Truth about our worth in God and the beauty, intention, and purposeful design behind human bodies.

Consent & boundaries

Understanding and applying consent in person and online as well as sex and the Law in Australia.


The importance of strong, healthy friendships with a focus on personal values and boundaries.

Christian identity & worthiness

The power in embracing your Christ-like identity of worthiness. Challenging society's narratives.

LGBTQIA+ and God

Coming early 2024. Watch this space.

Question & answer panel

An opportunity to ask questions and explore further as a community.

Young Adult Programs

Young Adult Programs

As above plus…
God, singleness, and marriage

Exploring the blessing , validity, and power of singleness and marriage at two different gifts.

Purity culture

The true biblical meaning of purity. Unpacking harmful purity culture that can develop in churches.

How far is too far?

Exploring the true question behind this question and unpacking person, values-based boundaries.

Hard Conversations

How to rebuke in love and have successful, yet difficult, conversations with your community.

Porn, fantasy, and God

A deep dive into pornography and it's harms, as well as the murky waters of fantasising.

Sexual decision making

Values based decision making with a focus on worked examples and group work.

Parent Programs

Parent Programs

Cultural analysis outside of and within the church

Exploring the narratives and influences young people within Christian environments are exposed to both in person and online.

Your role in sexual formation

How to balance compassion and personal conviction as the parent of a young person.

How and when to have ‘the talk’

How to tackle 'curly' conversations with a focus on practical tips and group sharing.

What we teach your young people

Unpacking relevant upcoming youth program content.

Question and answer panel

An opportunity to ask questions and explore further as a parent community.

Complementary resource bundle

Workshop summaries and follow up resources to continue the conversation.

Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs

Cultural analysis outside of and within the church

Exploring the narratives and influences young people within Christian environments are exposed to both in person and online.

Your role and influence

Understanding your position and opportunity within this conversation.

Self awareness

Understanding our own intrinsic motivators, managing stress, and developing personal values.

How to navigate curly questions

How to tackle 'curly' conversations with a focus on practical tips and group sharing.

What we teach your young people

Unpacking relevant upcoming program content.

Question and answer panel

An opportunity to ask questions and explore further as a staff team.

Our Church program guide

Download for an overview of our whole community approach.

How it all works

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Together we unpack the needs of your community, your goals, and desired outcomes, as well as the depth and breadth of your BKT experience.

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Pastoral Check In >

A pastoral check-in two weeks before your event to ensure we are aware of the wellbeing and pastoral needs within your community. This allows us to be as targeted and tailored as possible.

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  • Bringing the parents on team
  • Working with your young people

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Ask us about our 4-week bible study series designed for use post BKT program.


Participants are given the opportunity to work through their learnings, set goals, and create self-led change within their community.

What participants are saying...

Frequently asked questions

Our program fees vary depending on the booking, however small church communities have a special place in our heart. Please get in touch to explore this further!

As our program is a whole community approach, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible! Ideally, we prefer bookings no less than a term in advance. However, from time to time we are able to squeeze a community in with quick notice, so get in contact to explore things further.

The topic of sexual and gender diversity has been one that has ripped through the Australian and Christian landscape in recent years. It is a topic that Christian young people want to be informed about and given a safe space to discuss. We want to raise a generation of Christians who step into big conversations with confidence in the Gospel.

To achieve this, within our general workshops we seek to facilitate and strengthen participants in their independent thinking and research of such topics. We provide a framework built around the heart of God, that aims to equip our audience instead of dictating a list of rights and wrongs.

We do not unpack gender & sexual diversity in these workshops as it deserves to be explored with time and intention. This is why we have created the BKT Roadmap.

The BKT Roadmap is a therapeutically informed, legally sound program for Christian communities. This program does not champion a particular theological view, or “destination”, but is focused on building skills of active listening, robust conversations, critical thinking, and Biblical literacy, i.e., “how to drive” and “what to pack”. The BKT Roadmap exists to equip communities with the skills they require to have conversations in a healthy, safe, and ongoing way.

If you are interested in this program, please sign up to our mailing list below to receive updates on its launch. The program will commence in 2024.

We are very aware of how sensitive the topics we discuss are and take great care to equip the communities that we are working with to continue the conversations we start. We target our content at the age and stage of our audience and work closely with our clients to ensure that the content we present is in line with their vision and values.

Furthermore, we have an incredibly experienced and qualified team. Our Co-Founder, Georgia, has over a decade of experience in parachurch and parish-based youth ministry, has worked as a chaplain in several schools, and has attended bible college. Our other founder, Lauren, is a registered teacher and Wellbeing Coordinator at a Christian school with a Bachelor of Teaching (Outreach and Community Education), a Diploma of Mental Health and a Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drugs.

Additionally, our team is made up of psychologists, teachers, youth pastors, bible college students, social workers, nurses, and more. Everyone on team is a committed, active Christian and all follow our child safety compliance policies.

You can read up more on our child safety policies and our team below.



Big Kids’ Table does not represent, or affiliate, with a specific denomination. We pride ourselves on building a team from various protestant Christian backgrounds and expressions of faith. We uphold a mainstream doctrine and you can find out more below about what we believe.


While we uphold a mainstream Christian belief, we offer an explorative cultural analysis of both secular and church environments. Our workshops are designed to help participants explore what they believe and provide frameworks and discussion to do so. Participants do not need to be a Christian to benefit from our program, however we always share a gospel message as we conclude and invite responses.

After all, our dream is that someone would come to faith as a sex-ed workshop!

Yes, absolutely! We have worked in various contexts, not only Friday night ministries. Get in contact to explore what this could look like for your community.

Yes, absolutely! We have worked with church communities that have done just that. If numbers or budget are a difficulty for you, consider joining forces with another local ministry to double the reach, and half the program cost!

Get int ouch to explore this further.

Yes, we sure do. We are passionate about making the love of Jesus known in this space all over the country! Please get in touch to explore what this could look like.

Get int ouch to explore this further.

Yes, we do. We offer online workshops for adults at a cheaper rate than in person. However, please note we do not offer online programs for young people as we believe these conversations need to be had in person where things can be safely and successfully explored in a pastorally considered way.

Ready to explore a BKT experience at your church?

Just imagine…

💭 Being confident and equipped to talk about God and sex with your community.

💭 Seeing your community thrive in their Christ-like identity and sexuality. 

💭 Seeing Jesus glorified in the relationships (romantic and other) you’re surrounded by.

💭 Seeing your young people, and their families, actively challenging culture and representing Christ in all they do.